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Glutamine, Unflavored - 300 grams

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- Supports muscle,
- Increase endurance,
- Supports recovery & growth.

Beast glutamine to help preserve your hard earned muscle, combat stress and fuel your body.

Glutamine is the most abundant, naturally occurring amino acid in the human body. It constitutes more than 60% of the amino acids found in skeletal muscle and is the most concentrated free amino acid in the blood. Glutamine can be used as a building block for making more proteins (i.e. muscle), a direct energy source for making ATP (the energy currency of the body) or as a precursor for the formation of glucose in the liver.

While skeletal muscle tissue is responsible for synthesizing ~90% of the glutamine found in the body, the most eager consumers of glutamine are the gut, kidneys and immune system. Glutamine is, therefore, vital for variety of biochemical functions ranging from protein synthesis to intestinal permeability, optimal immune function and the regulation of the body's acid-base balance.

Importantly, glutamine is considered a conditionally essential amino acid meaning it can be made within the body but requires intake from food or supplements under high stress conditions such as intense exercise, food restriction, injury and illness. 

Recent studies suggest the benefits of oral glutamine supplementation under high stress conditions may include:

Muscle-Mass Preservation
Repeated activation of the stress response can reap havoc on muscular size, strength and power. Studies suggest that glutamine not only helps inhibit the catabolism of muscle by promoting nitrogen retention but promotes muscular growth my stimulating the release of growth hormone. Preserve hard earned muscle!

Faster Muscle Recovery and Repair
Intense exercise can cause muscle tissue damage which gives rise to an inflammatory response that initiates muscular repair and soreness. Glutamine can speed recovery and fuel muscle growth by promoting fuel restoration in the liver and muscles while feeding activated immune cells to promote rapid muscular repair and growth. Come back faster and stronger!

Improved High Intensity Performance
High intensity exercise can lead to rapid fatigue (i.e. muscular failure) due to the depletion of immediate energy stores and the production of lactic acid. Because glutamine can act both as an energy source and a lactic acid neutralizer, studies suggest it may help delay the onset of muscular fatigue. Go harder for longer!

Support Immune Function and GI Tract Health
Glutamine is a vital fuel source for the immune system and gut where it helps to maintain the integrity of the GI tract. Support health and stay energized!

How much to take and when?
Because the gut and immune system are most active during periods of recovery and sleep, it is best to supplement with glutamine after intense workouts and before bed. Take with cold or room temperature foods/liquids. DO NOT HEAT.

- For muscle preservation and workout recovery take 3x6g servings for 18g/day.
- Under extremely high stress conditions and/or GI issues take 5x6g servings for 30g/day.

Because glutamine has a rapid turnover rate, up to ~30g/day can be easily tolerated by the GI tract. Glutamine is not recommended for ketogenic dieters or those with diabetes, epilepsy, biopolar disorder.

You train like a beast to build strong, healthy and powerful muscles. Don't let them go to waste due to a high stress lifestlye! Stay healthy and strong with Beast glutamine. 

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